I'm Rejané Claasen


Member: User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)


Why You Need Me On Your Team

by Rejané Claasen

I’m a copywriter, designer and coder with a keen interest in digital content creation.

Whether it's video, podcasts, graphics or text; my process starts with understanding the target audience and ends with products that are tailored to suit their needs.

I believe that good product design is not just about solving problems, it's about spotting them. I'm an advocate for content-first, mobile-first development which makes for truly accessible applications.


Looking To Build Compelling Products

Sept 2017 – Apr 2018
Interactive Media Management
UX/UI, Mobile Design, Web Design, Mobile Web Application Development, Interactive Coding, Project Management, Technology Design Studio, Audio/Video
Jan 1999 – Dec 2002
Bachelor of Technology: Journalism
Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, Page Layout & Design, Research Methodology, Media Management,  Specialist Reporting, Shorthand

check out my recent work

1. WaterWise

WaterWise is a mobile app that helps users guage their water consumption in drought-stricken areas like Cape Town, South Africa.

This was a solo project. I conducted and created the research, wireframes, user personas, microcopy and design.

2. Wisdom Academy

Wisdom Academy is a learning application aimed at kids aged 8-10. The app allows users to explore a curriculum which includes Geography, English and Mathematics. It track users’ scores and allows them the opportunity to improve upon them. 

This project was a collaboration with team members: Lola Adevumi (back-end development), Nicole Mann (JavaScript) and Myranda Porritt (UX/UI design). I was responsible for the overall front-end development.

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