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I depart from the mainstream school of journalism that regards the newsmaker/power broker as the subject who is allowed to defend or articulate their position, while the ordinary person/marginalised community is a passive participant.

My brand of journalism seeks to amplify the voices of those who are on the lower rungs of the societal ladder. Their views are valid and relevant, and will spur forth massive transformation.

"If you build an economy based on the needs of the last person, you don't have to worry about exclusion"

Devaki Jain, Feminist Writer & Economist Listen to the full interview here

Personal Politics

While I believe that wealth should be used to improve the state of the world, I recognize the awkwardness of the dubious union between private profit and public interest. I choose to prioritize the needs of the disenfranchised communities who are positively impacted by these policies.


Furthermore, I agree that private money does little to ameliorate the world’s deepening economic divide. Yet until we embrace a more equitable paradigm that grows the economy from the bottom up, we can only play ball within the confides of the current field.

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